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KM ELITE PRODUCTS 38 GENERAL MOBILITY CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: “I use Formula 1 because I think my horses deserve the best. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to combine Cortaflex ® with many of the other great supplements within the Equine America range.” Jessie Drea Professional Showjumper and Rider of Cortaflex ® Touchable Buteless ® High Strength Solution A Powerful Natural Alternative Buteless ® High Strength (not phenylbutazone) is a natural and palatable formulation of botanical extracts. Buteless ® is a powerful natural alternative that can be used in the short or long term without concerns of side effects. Buteless ® High Strength can be used alone or in combination with Cortaflex ® for long-term concerns or for additional support for the older horse. Buteless ® was found to be the most effective natural alternative in a study conducted by the highly respected USA field testing magazine The Horse Journal. Since the study, the Buteless ® formula has been updated and improved. Sizes: 946ml (a two month supply at maintenance), 3.8 ltr Buteless ® Paste 30ml Paste (3 x 10ml servings)