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KM ELITE PRODUCTS 26 LAMBSWOOL RANGE CONTACT US: 01403 759659 | WWW.KMELITEPRODUCTS.CO.UK | FOLLOW US: 2 1 Studguard Cover Colours: Black & Natural 2 Hackamore Cover 1 Colours: Natural 3 Breastplate Cover Colours: Natural 3 2 sizes available 4 Wash Mitts Used to help promote circulation, cleans and polishes the skin. With a waterproof insert. 4 Colours: Natural, Brown Gel-Eze™ Gelee Fish™ Saddle Pad Gel-Eze™ Non Slip Saddle Impression Pad The Gelee Fish™ pads are suitable where extra cushioning is required on the shoulder or wither. Hi-tech impression pad, superb non-slip saddle pad, cushioned for extra comfort with Sympa ® underneath and Gel-Eze™ Impression pad on top. Gel-Eze™ Saddle and Wither Pads Gel-Eze™ Shaped Saddle Pad Gel-Eze™ Non-Slip Pad Gel-Eze™ Saddle and Wither pads have the same impact absorbing properties as the Gel-Eze™ Under Bandage. Revolutionary hi-tech design to aid in spinal pressure relief and assist in grip and comfort. Woolskin Wash Keeps the soft texture and lustre of natural wool for years. Contains a blend of Australian melaleuca oils including Tea Tree Oil which have proven effective against dust mites, pet allergens and mould spores 500ml Anti-slip, slim, lightweight, impact absorbing properties to reduce the risk of back and wither injury. Perforations allow air flow.