• Super So Kalm Paste 30ml



    Super So Kalm Paste 30ml - 3 x 10ml serving.

    When the ultimate calmer is needed, use Super So Kalm Paste.  This convenient single serving syringe will ensure focus and calmness without removing the edge required for competition.

    Can be used alone or as a top up for So Kalm Plus Powder.

    Super So Kalm Paste provides L-Tryptophan for focus, Magnesium to reduce tension and specialist herbs and plants for ultimate calmness and concentration.

    Feeding Directions:

    Administer 10ml of contents into the horse's mouth on to the back of the tongue prior to exercise or an event in accordance with competition rules.

    Size: 30ml - 3 x 10ml serving

    Product Ref: SK4