Brand Ambassadors

Constantin Van Rijckevorsel

Constantin Van Rijckevorsel 1
Constantin Van Rijckevorsel 2

International Event Rider

Constantin is an international event rider based in West Sussex, UK. He breeds and produces young horses and has a string of competition horses.

Mantha Hills

Mantha Hills 1
Mantha Hills 2


Mantha is an up and coming show jumper with her own yard in West Sussex, UK. She has a string of horses that she competes currently up to 1.20m.

David Rumsey

David Rumsey 1
David Rumsey 2

International Dressage Rider

David Rumsey developed his passion for riding at a young, he is now trained by Carl Hester and competes at International level. 

Steven Franks

Steven Franks 1
Steven Franks 2

International Show Jumper

Steven Franks learnt his trade during a 6 year spell as a stable jockey to William Funnell. He has now set up his own breeding, producing and competition yard with his partner Karen. He has produced horses that have gone on to win multiple Hickstead derbys, HOYS finals and represented GB at World Breeding Championships. 


Joe Clee

Joe Clee 1
Joe Clee 2

International Show Jumper

Joe Clee has many wins and great results at international level and nations cup teams, he is based in Belgium and moved there in 2002 to gain greater access to the top international shows. 



Vvivacious 1
Vvivacious 2

“Only ultimate products will do for the ultimate show horse…Vvivacious, Two Time British National Champion and 2017 International Champion!”

Charlotte Platt

Charlotte Platt 1
Charlotte Platt 2

International Show Jumper

Charlotte Platt is Co-founder of Team 55 Showjumping, she has worked her way up from ponies, junior team and now competes internationally and breeds and products horses. 

Jessie Drea

Jessie Drea 1
Jessie Drea 2

International Show Jumper

Jessie Drea has worked very hard to enjoy an illustrious career, from being an extremely successful pony and junior rider, right the way up to 5* level representing Britain at the 2014 Equestrian Games. 

Mary King

Mary King 1
Mary King 2

International Event Rider 

I wouldn't go cross-country without my PointTwo.

Oliver Townend

Oliver Townend 1
Oliver Townend 2

International Event Rider

The P2-RS is comfortable and much more convenient than using an air jacket and body protector separately. I feel safe in a Point Two. 

Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould 1
Andrew Gould 2

International Dressage Rider

Andrew Gould is one of Great Britain's leading dressage riders and he is noted and respected by some of the most prominent figures within the sport as well as being in great demand as a trainer. 

Laura Collett

Laura Collett 1
Laura Collett 2

International Event Rider

I literally owe my life to Point 2 air jacket.. I had a horrific fall in 2013 and doctors said that my air jacket saved my life! I can't recommend them enough!

Lucinda Green

Lucinda Green 1
Lucinda Green 2

International Event Rider

I like the idea of instantly having an airbag around me to protect me. The plusses surely far outweigh any minuses that people may find.

(P2-RS) Surely this next step must be a bonus for safety and - if we are concerned by such things - elegance. 

Piggy French

Piggy French 1
Piggy French 2

International Event Rider

It feels no different to ride in - in fact now, I'd probably feel naked without it. For me, personally, it has without doubt decreased injuries such as whiplash and broken ribs. I've woken up the next day after a fall without feeling stiff and when I would have before. 

Simon Delestre

Simon Delestre 1
Simon Delestre 2


International Show Jumper 

World Number 1 on the Longines FEI world showjumping rankings - Sponsored by Distrimex Equine-America Cortaflex.

William Fox-Pitt

William Fox-Pitt 1
William Fox-Pitt 2

Wearing my Point Two Air Jacket has become second nature when riding cross-country at any level. 

Chloe Mariani

Chloe Mariani 1
Chloe Mariani 2

French Junior Event Rider

Chloe Mariani is an up and coming young event rider based in West Sussex, having dual nationality, she has the decision to ride under the French flag. She recently represented France as part of the Junior Squad and finished a respectable 19th out of 75 competitors. We believe Chloe is an exciting prospect, we are proud to have her as a brand ambassador and is definitely one to watch for the future!

Daniel Timson

Daniel Timson 1
Daniel Timson 2

International Dressage Rider

Daniel is one of the UK's leading dressage riders. He spent many years in Germany with some of the finest dressage trainers and to date has been the only UK based rider to have ridden and competed stallions for the Westfalian State Stud. He competes, products young horses and trains riders and horses prelim up to Grand Prix Level. 

Georgina Hambly

Georgina Hambly 1
Georgina Hambly 2


BHSAI accredited coach, running regular clinic and private lessons in all disciplines. Based in south Gloucestershire. Professional amateur with big ambitions. She currently competes her own horse, who she produced from 3yo, Harley at intermediate 2* as well as riding three other horses for owners! One to watch for the 2018 is a new ride she has taken on, ‘Devil you know’ (aka George), he is a stallion with a lovely temperament but may need to shift his focus from girls to the job!





Jessica Gale

Jessica Gale 1
Jessica Gale 2

International Dressage Rider

Jessica is an international dressage rider and based at Froxfield Stud, she has been selected for junior and young rider European teams three times and has already had three international wins! She produces, competes and holds regular clinics at Froxfield Stud.

Spencer Sturmey

Spencer Sturmey 1
Spencer Sturmey 2

International Event Rider

Spencer trained with Carl Hester and went on to ride at 4* Eventing level and Grand Prix Dressage. He has a successful career and proved his versatility further by now being a favourite for commentating on events. 

Tabitha Forester Bennett

Tabitha Forester Bennett 1
Tabitha Forester Bennett 2

Young Event Rider

Tabitha (known as Taggy) is based in Devon, she competes at advanced, 3* and OIu21 Trials. She produces quality horses throughout the levels.