Brand Ambassadors

Constantin Van Rijckevorsel

Constantin Van Rijckevorsel 1
Constantin Van Rijckevorsel 2

International Event Rider


I have used many numnahs over the years and can honestly say that the KM Elite close contact pads are by far the best design and quality there is! They are reinforced where needed and have a great Velcro attachment system for a perfect fit.

Ultimate Oil

I have been giving Ultimate Oil to a mare with summer itch and it only took a few weeks to see an improvement! I must say the horses are looking great and their performances are much improved.

Formula 1

I have used Formula 1 for a few months now and already saw a huge improvement in the way my horses perform! We also enjoy how easy it is at feeding time to give six supplements in one go

Mantha Hills

Mantha Hills 1
Mantha Hills 2


Mantha Hills - 12/06/1997 - West Sussex 

 6 years ago I went down with a serious illness. I had multiple things wrong with me, I got sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital and they diagnosed me with Mycoplasma Pneumonia. Now I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is getting better with time!  

Coolcronan Contrast - 147cms Bay Gelding , He has done a 1.50m puissance and has had MANY Wins and placings so far in the seniors including qualifying for International Arena at Hickstead in 2015 by coming 4th out of 280! Currently jumping 90cm – 1.10m

Scrummies Adventure – 16hh Bay (2010) Irish Mare, who I got from a dressage rider who was having difficulties with her rearing etc. The rider was asking too much at such a young age, she was going to be put down because she was classed as Dangerous! Currently jump Newcomers.

Lux Pedro – 17.2hh (2007) Bay Gelding by Lux Z, who I jump Newcomers & Fox hunter on. I would love to get the chance to be jumping the Young Rider classes which is 1.45m+ - I’m hoping to get Lux Pedro there next year maybe Scrummies Adventure the year after!  

YouTube Channel – Mantha Hills

Facebook page called ‘Mantha Hills Showjumper’


David Rumsey

David Rumsey 1
David Rumsey 2

Dressage Rider

Ultimate Oil

I have been feeding my horses Ultimate Oil for about a month now. I have seen a real difference in their coats and skin. It's reassuring to know that with Ultimate Oil my horses are receiving such high quality vitamins and minerals to help them feel good and perform at their very best. 

Equine America Super So Kalm

Dressage horses need to be super fit and reactive yet totally focused to do their job well. I feed Super so Kalm to three of my young horses who would sometimes find it difficult to stay calm and with me during training and competitions. I can honestly say they are happier and more rideable without losing their sparkle. 


By feeding Cortaflex to my competition horses I know I am supporting all of their joint health needs. I believe this is essential when we are training them as athletes and want them to have long, sound careers. 

Nicola Fishwick

Nicola Fishwick 1
Nicola Fishwick 2

Our Amateur Brand Ambassador Nicola Fishwick bought the handsome Otto, her KWPN as a 4 year when he had just been backed, their main discipline is Dressage where she has brought him herself and this year they qualified for the Novice Winter Regionals and next year they are progressing up to Elementary. She's very dedicated, competes weekly and has lessons 3 times a week.

Nichola Glaser

Nichola Glaser 1
Nichola Glaser 2

Nichola and Ash are our amateur brand ambassadors. Ash is a 14yr Haflinger (who the KM Elite team think is stunning). Nichola has produced Ash from the beginning which has cemented their bond and ability to work as a team. Their main discipline is dressage in which they are currently working at elementary level but Ash has turned his hoof to most disciplines showing, show jumping and mounted games. They had a very successful time at the National Haflinger Breed Show this year, winning the working hunter championship (pictured below).

Steven Franks

Steven Franks 1
Steven Franks 2

International Show Jumper

Equine America Formula 1 plus Cortaflex.

It is essential that my horses arrive at a competition in peak condition, and I have noticed a big improvement since introducing Formula 1 to their diet. This feed supplement contains six of Equine America's top performance products in one easy to feed pellet.

KM Elite Ultimate Oil

Since trialling Ultimate Oil on my international horses, I now feed it to the entire yard. It certainly helps to keep my horses healthy and in excellent condition. I've noticed their coats improve and they look fantastic.

Joe Clee

Joe Clee 1
Joe Clee 2

International Show Jumper

I started using Equine America supplements when I moved to Belgium 7 years ago and have been giving So Kalm to Diablesse de Muze (his top showjumping mare) for many years and now she is so much calmer when competing than she was before.


Vvivacious 1
Vvivacious 2

“Only ultimate products will do for the ultimate show horse…Vvivacious, Two Time British National Champion and 2014 International Champion!”

Charlotte Platt

Charlotte Platt 1
Charlotte Platt 2

Show Jumper

I started using Equine America’s Cortaflex because I believe the horses joint health is an integral part to the competition horse, I think my horses look and feel great since using cortaflex. Their coat condition has improved dramatically and they have an amazing shine on their coat since using KM Elite Ultimate Oil. I don't think they have ever looked so good! Since riding in the sheepskin pads our horses have felt significantly softer and more relaxed in their jump!

Jessie Drea

Jessie Drea 1
Jessie Drea 2

International Show Jumper

I use Formula 1 because I think my horses deserve the best. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to combine CORTAFLEX with many of the other great supplements within the Equine America range.”

Mary King

Mary King 1
Mary King 2

International Event Rider 

I wouldn't go cross-country without my PointTwo.

Oliver Townend

Oliver Townend 1
Oliver Townend 2

International Event Rider

The P2-RS is comfortable and much more convenient than using an air jacket and body protector separately. I feel safe in a Point Two. 

Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould 1
Andrew Gould 2

International Dressage Rider

KM Elite Tendon Boots  

I use my KM Elite tendon boots on all my horses daily. The soundness and wellbeing of the horses is imperative, protecting their legs therefore being essential. The KM Elite range fit all my horses comfortably and effectively which is incredibly important due to the high number of horses I work with. Ease of use and durability is also paramount and I can honestly say that the KM Elite range tick all the boxes. 

Laura Collett

Laura Collett 1
Laura Collett 2

International Event Rider

I literally owe my life to Point 2 air jacket.. I had a horrific fall in 2013 and doctors said that my air jacket saved my life! I can't recommend them enough!

Lucinda Green

Lucinda Green 1
Lucinda Green 2

International Event Rider

I like the idea of instantly having an airbag around me to protect me. The plusses surely far outweigh any minuses that people may find.

(P2-RS) Surely this next step must be a bonus for safety and - if we are concerned by such things - elegance. 

Piggy French

Piggy French 1
Piggy French 2

International Event Rider

It feels no different to ride in - in fact now, I'd probably feel naked without it. For me, personally, it has without doubt decreased injuries such as whiplash and broken ribs. I've woken up the next day after a fall without feeling stiff and when I would have before. 

Simon Delestre

Simon Delestre 1
Simon Delestre 2

International Show Jumper 

World Number 1 on the Longines FEI world showjumping rankings - Sponsored by Distrimex Equine-America Cortaflex

William Fox-Pitt

William Fox-Pitt 1
William Fox-Pitt 2

Wearing my Point Two Air Jacket has become second nature when riding cross-country at any level.