• Tubtrug 90ltr Rectangle Muti-Tub



    Rectangle 90ltr Multi-Tub

    Multi-Tubs™ are an excellent range of large rigid containers. The 100% recycled material will not crack in frost or degrade in sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor use.

    Multi-Tubs™ are used for agriculture, building, equestrian, gardening, livestock etc.

    They are ideal as small ponds or reservoirs, either free standing or sunk into the ground and can be plumbed in for extra convenience.

    Top TV gardeners often use them to create water features. Other uses are hydroponics, mortar tubs, garden wet areas, patio planters, animal troughs, waterfowl paddlers, aquatic plant containers etc.

    Colour:  Black

    Size: 90ltr

    Product Code: TR90