• Better Bones



    Better Bones 3.5kg

    Give your horse the best possible start and strong bones for life. Combine Better Bones with Cortaflex® for the ultimate in joint and bone care.

    Why should you feed Better Bones?

    To ensure strong healthy dense bones in all horses and ponies but, essentially for:-

    • Young stock, especially large or fast growing horses or ponies.
    • Brood Mares.
    • Competition horses or ponies.
    • Animals recovering from a bone injury or fracture.


    How does it work?

    Better Bones contains specific ingredients essential to bone development and re-modelling.  Better Bones provides Dicalcium Phosphate (calcium and phosphorus), minerals essential in bone strength, along with supporting nutrients including silicon.  In recent trials silicon has been shown to improve utilization of minerals within the bones, aiding bone density and strength and helping healing and regeneration.

    We recommend feeding Better Bones in alongside Cortaflex in competition horses or ponies.


    Feeding Directions:

    For an average 500kg horse, feed 28gm twice daily with the horse's regular feed.  Feed others according to body weight, less for smaller horses and ponies, more for larger breeds.

    Size: 3.5KG

    Product Code: EBB