• Cortaflex HA Regular Solution 4Ltr




    It's never too soon! Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Cortaflex® solution economically and effectively supports and maintains healthy joints for each and every horse and pony throughout their life. Combined with Better Bones, Cortaflex® Solution will ensure a sound joint and bone structure for both young and old animals.

    Wear and tear to the joints is a normal function and will occur naturally with age, but our domestication of the horse has increased the stresses on the joints resulting in joint related diseases being the biggest cause of lameness and the most common reason for a horse to come out of work. 

    Constant pounding on artificial, hard or heavy ground is very demanding on joints – even hacking can cause abnormal wear and tear, metal shoes increase concussion and confinements of stables increases pressure. Feeding a proven joint supplement can help to redress the balance and support healthy joints.

    Size: 4 Ltr

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