• Cortaflex Super Strength Powder 4.5kg



    Cortaflex Super Strength Powder

    With Super Fenn

    This new product developed by Equine America is the best value product so far, it’s a combination of Super Fenn and High Strength Cortaflex. 

    The Cortaflex has been shown to aid joint lubrication, and the Super Fenn is a natural anti-inflammatory and one of the very few on the market without Devils Claw. 

    The combination is great for both competition and leisure horses, with Superfenn reducing inflammation from every day knocks and strains, and Cortaflex High Strength for everyday joint mobility.

     Size: 450gm 


     “I have been using Equine America’s new supplement Super-Fenn for the past three months and have had some amazing results.  
    It has been great to support joint mobility on my top horses and I feed it along side their leading joint supplement Cortaflex to give my horses the maximum support they need to perform to their best.” Andrew Gould, International Dressage Rider and Trainer. 
     I have always been wary of products like these and their effectiveness but I am completely amazed at the result of using these two products combined.  many thanks especially to Karl for recommending these products to me."  (Cortaflex HA Powder combined with Super-Fenn) Richard Penticost.
     "To keep my team sound and supple I run them on Cortaflex HA Liquid and maintain them on Cortaflex Powder, and for myself I take Cortaflex capsules." Pippa Funnell. International Event Rider. 

    Size: 4.5kg

    Product ref: C9