• Buteless Paste 30ml



    Buteless ® Paste 30ml

    Why should you feed Buteless High Strength?

    Buteless ® High Strength (not Phenylbutazone-BUTE) is an effective natural alternative. Butless can be used daily, and long term without concerns of side effects.

    • As a relief to horses/ponies recovering from injury.
    • To provide comfort for horses/ponies with long term or degenerative conditions.
    • As an additional support to veteran horses/ponies.

    How does it work?

    The botanical extracts in buteless High Strength have been used for many years as an alternative therapy in both humans and animals. Together these ingredients help in reducing inflammation and pain.

    For long term or denegerative joint conditions use Butless High Strength in combination with Cortaflex or Cortaflex HA.

    Feeding Directions:

    For an average 500kg horse, administer 10ml of contents into the horse's mouth onto the back of the tongue.

    Size: 30ml - 3 x 10ml servings.

    Product ref: BLP

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