• ASU 6000 Pellets 908g



    ASU 6000 Pellets

    The latest development in joint care, ASU or Avocado and Soyabean Unsaponifiable is the latest development in joint care and is an invaluable addition to Cortaflex or Cortaflex HA. ASU works within the joint to promote a clean environment, maximizing the effects of Cortaflex.

    How does it work?

    Experts believe ASU can slow the production of some inflammatory chemicals made in the joints.  Reducing these chemicals, that contribute to the breakdown of cartilage, slows down the progression of wear and tear and ultimately arthritis.  feed alongside a supplement that provides the building blocks for cartilage to increase it's effectiveness.

    ASU is a must for young horses or ponies in work, horses or ponies recovering from injury or surgery and those who are invloved in concussive activity - jumping and galloping.

    Feeding directions:

    Feed 30gm (2 scoops) for the first seven days.  Thereafter, feed 15 grams daily.

    Size: 908 gm (a 60 day supply at maintenance)

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